Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kings Gameday: Rematch Against the Devils

Does anyone else get hung up with how to correctly use colons and semicolons? I thought I had it nailed down in my high school senior English class, but then when I was in college I saw them used a bit differently, so now I question whether or not I correctly use them. Please feel free to provide your opinions about colons and semicolons in the comments.

Tonight the Kings play the New Jersey Devils at home, where they are currently 2-0-0 (I refuse to count those Europe games as actual home games because that is such a farce). I'm actually surprised the NHL scheduler is providing us with a rematch so soon after these two teams first met this season. I missed the previous Kings/Devils matchup and I may miss this one too unless I decide to stay up late and watch it on my DVR. Last season Katebits at The Willful Caboose wrote about the website Should I Watch, which helps you decide whether or not to watch a game you recorded. Katebits has some great screenshots of the website, but basically, you input the game you're considering watching on tape (DVR?) delay and set your pain threshold. For example, I would choose tonight's game and then set the threshold that I'm willing to skip the game if the Kings lost by more than 2 goals. If the Kings lost by 3 goals, then the website would tell me that I should skip the game.  I *think* the only drawback is the game has to be over before you can use this site and I may get home during the third period. So I could start watching the game and then when it's finished I can go to the website and see if it's worth the pain of continuing to watch the game. I keep meaning to use this website when I miss games, but I always forget about it. Has anyone else used it?

So anyway, what should we expect from tonight's game? Well, Jonathan Quick is on a freaking hot streak right now, so naturally he's going to remain "like wall", right? Yesterday I saw this statistic and almost peed my pants with excitement:

I know it's only 6 games, but c'mon that's so ridiculously awesome.
I know Trevor Lewis is a center, but I would really like to see him play wing on the third line with Jarret Stoll and Ethan Moreau.  I think he's a more skilled player than Brad Richardson and along with his speed would work nicely alongside Stoll.  I've warmed up to Richardson over the years; I dropped his whipping boy status during the '09-'10 playoffs when he stepped it up and looked significantly better during those 6 games than he did in all the games during the regular season.  But just because I appreciate his work ethic doesn't mean I have confidence in him to consistently contribute offensively.  I can't get excited when he has a prime scoring opportunity because I know the odds that he'll score are so small.  He could move down to the 4th line and center Clifford and Westgarth (or Hunter).  I don't think we're seeing Lewis' full potential because he's not being given a fair chance at playing alongside skilled players.

So Dustin Penner has looked marginally better in each game.  However, I'm still waiting for that moment when it hits me that he's sooooo worth having on the team.  I had that feeling about Mike Richards before Game 1 of this season was even over. I'd feel a little bit better about the Kings offense if Penner looked even half as good as Brown and Richards.

It's likely Drew Doughty will come off IR this week and be back in the lineup soon. I know I said in my review of the home opener that Voynov looked good enough to stay in LA and that Martinez might be sent packing. Well, in one of the broadcasts from last week, it was mentioned that Martinez and Drewiske would need to clear waivers if they are sent down to Manchester. I don't think losing Drewiske would be that big of a deal, but I still wouldn't want to lose a guy for free. And I have no doubt a team would snatch Martinez. On the other hand, Voynov would not need to clear waivers, so even though he may deserve to stay in LA, he'll most likely be sent packing for Manchester once Drew is healthy. Technicalities....what a bitch. But at least we know the Kings' future defense is solid.

I know Quick's shutout streak will eventually come to an end, but I'm counting on the the Kings to continue playing solid defense and hopefully they'll figure out their offense. I'll be pretty disappointed and worried if the Kings only score 1 goal tonight.  I'm feeling a goal by Penner tonight....anyone else have that feeling?

Go Kings Go!

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