Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Turd of the Season!

It had to happen eventually. There was no way the LA Kings were going to make it through the season without crapping out a huge turd at least once. I guess we can be thankful we don't have to witness it on a consistent basis like we did during the Cloutier Era or that it wasn't a 0-7 shellacking.

But, wow, I cannot believe how badly the LA Kings sucked against the New Jersey Devils! I knew it was going to be a tight game since the Devils are always good at stifling the opposition's offense, but I was not expecting a complete breakdown in the Kings' chemistry among the forwards. I could not believe how off the Kings were and it wasn't just one or two players, it was a good 90% of the team.

That game was probably the worst game I've ever seen Anze Kopitar play and he rarely has bad games. Kopitar had a terrible turnover in the defensive zone that led to a Devils goal. Neutral zone turnovers can be killers so naturally ones in the defensive zone, especially when it's caused by a forward who is just strides from the blue line, were just detrimental and they kept happening all throughout the second half of the game and led to a quick three-goal lead by the Devils.

It was very obvious the team was all out of sorts when Terry Murray mixed up the forward line combinations in the third period. I could just imagine him during the second intermission, staring off into space wondering, 'How many different forward combinations can I create with 12 players?' (I am an engineer, but I'm not going to do the math...also, I still use a calculator when adding two single digit numbers. Better to be safe than sorry!)

I want to end on a positive note because I don't want to be too much of a Negative Nancy considering it was just one turd of a game and there will be plenty more opportunities for the Kings to redeem themselves.

  • I thought Alec Martinez had a great game. He almost looked like Drew out there the way he was taking charge trying to single-handedly establish some offense. 
  • There were moments in the first half of the game during which Dustin Penner played pretty well.  I was SHOCKED!  And I was certain he was going to score.  There was one shift in particular where he took away the puck in the offensive zone, not once, but twice and both times set up scoring opportunities.  He's coming around people!  Just wait for it!
  • Jonathan Bernier was not to blame for this game and despite letting in a goal on the short side (but it was from a prime scoring spot) he looked pretty good.  It always seems like the team plays shittier with Bernier in net.  One of these days he'll steal a game for the Kings and Drew will give him a much deserved kiss

Awwww, just look at him. Even my husband thinks he's adorable! 
Here's hoping the game against New Jersey was just a glitch and not the start of something awful. The next match against Dallas should be a good test. Despite my deep disgust for Mike Ribeiro, I always enjoy watching the Kings play the Dallas Stars because they're usually very competitive and intense.

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