Friday, October 28, 2011

Forgotten Off-Season Trades and Signings

I didn't do much hockey reading this week so I'm not doing a regular "Weekly Hockey Roundup". Instead, I'm going to link to off-season trade and free agent signings that I completely missed during the summer.  For example, I was thoroughly confused recently when I read about the Toronto Maple Leafs' goaltending situation and I kept re-reading the article looking for J.S. Giguere's name. I didn't understand why he wasn't part of the Leafs' goalie mix.  Did he retire?  Nope! He's still active, but no longer with the Leafs! When did I miss that? How did I miss that? I have a really good memory and I was starved for hockey news this summer so I thought I had read about every big name deal that occurred, but somehow some of them just "fell through the cracks" (that's what we told Rushees who didn't get invited back to the next day of Sorority Rush: "oh sorry, sweetie. I'm sure they liked you, but you probably just fell through the cracks." Sorority rush is rough.)

J.S. Giguere signed with the Colorado Avalanche
I think I missed this signing because I was still in shock that the Washington Capitals totally trade raped the Colorado Avalanche by sending Semyon Varlamov to the Avs in exchange for a 1st Round Draft Pick AND a 2nd Round Draft Pick.....WHAT?!!??! How is that even remotely fair? That's like a trade you expect in a Fantasy League. Talk about highway robbery! Oh, and if you haven't read the book Future Greats and Heartbreaks: A Year Undercover in the Secret World of NHL Scouts by Gare Joyce, you must read it because the author sat through an interview with Varlamov and the Columbus Blue Jackets management and it was quite interesting.

Sheldon Souray signed with the Dallas Stars
I vaguely remember reading about this signing, but it's one of those memories you question whether or not is real or if it was something that occurred in a dream. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I was reminded of it when I read a Dallas Stars season preview on the Stars blog 'Penalty Killing'. Souray has a lot to prove after being an overrated and highly overpaid free agent defenseman a couple years ago.....hmmmm, sounds familiar.

Jamie Langenbrunner AND Jason Arnott signed with the St. Louis Blues
I had no clue Langenbrunner or Arnott played for St. Louis until I saw their names in the Blues lineup at the Kings home opener. I think I almost started laughing because why would the Blues want Langenbrunner or Arnott, let alone BOTH? Why would any team want them, especially Langenbrunner? They're both past their prime, but at least Arnott is still super sexy. I guess I figured both guys retired after last season or would sign again for their 12th tour with the New Jersey Devils. Because the LA Kings never bring back a player multiple times during his career.

Devin Setoguchi and Dany Heatley traded to the Minnesota Wild
I actually do remember reading about both of these trades, but I completely erased them from my memory. So I was so confused when I recently read about them scoring for the Wild. It took me a couple minutes to remember that, yes, I do recall them both being traded. In fact, I thought it was hilarious that the Sharks management sorta pulled a Holmgrem on Seto as they signed him to an extension and then DAYS later traded him to Minnesota. That would have pissed me off! But so would living in San Jose.

Kyle Turris, technically still a Phoenix Coyote, IS STILL HOLDING OUT AND IS NOW DEMANDING A TRADE!!! I vaguely remember reading about the Coyotes and Turris not coming to terms on a new contract, but the Doughty contract situation totally overshadowed this story so I completely forgot Turris still hadn't signed a new contract.  I can't imagine being that demanding, holding out, and risking sitting out an entire season.  Who does Turris think he is?

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