Monday, October 10, 2011

Another European NHL Opening in the Books

Can the LA Kings please never participate again? K, thanks.

Here are my super insightful, very important thoughts of the first 2 LA Kings games:

Kings 3, Rangers 2 (OT)
  • Taking a "vacation day" on Friday to stay home and watch the Kings/Rangers game was the best decision EVER. I seriously need to get my company on the 9/80 work schedule because having an extra day during the weekend is utterly amazing
  • I can't decide which person I dislike more: Bryan Hayward or Pierre McGuire. I was very disappointed we weren't treated to the voices of Bob Miller and Jim Fox, but Doc was ok
  • Mike Milbury is a very angry and highly unlikable person. I think he might also be deranged.
  • The crowd in Sweden was DEAD. Seriously, did the "fans" think they were at the ballet?
  • Pierre tends to fixate on one player throughout a game and unfortunately in the Kings/Rangers game it was Alec Martinez. Now, I like the kid and I do think he is good and will surprise people who are unfamiliar with him, but my God, Pierre's head was so far up his ass I'm surprised Martinez was able to still skate around the rink. Pierre wouldn't stop talking about him; It was a little creepy.
  • Mike Richards definitely outplayed Brad Richards and it made all Kings fans feel really good.
  • So who picked Jack to score the game winner? Anyone? Anyone? It was a pleasant surprise and I'm glad the coaching staff put Jack and Drew together on the power play.
  • Apparently you can ask Jack a question through his website. Do know want to.

Kings 2, Sabres 4
  • Why can't the Kings play well in front of Bernier? Poor kid.
  • The Sabres are a much better team than I had anticipated
  • I cannot believe Bob Miller and Jim Fox were not at the game and had to do play by play in LA while watching the game on TV. That is some super lame shit.
  • I'm going to try and forget this game even happened....except Kopitar's second goal because it was a display of brilliance.
 (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images
Kopitar is so f'ucking good! This goal left me speechless.

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