Thursday, October 13, 2011

LA Kings 2nd Season Opener

Even though the LA Kings season opened less than a week ago it feels like those first two games took place ages ago.  But the weather was cooling down, pumpkin ale was readily available in the stores, and it was finally feeling like hockey season!

Almost a week later, the weather is in the 90s, I'm cranky about it, I've had time to think about the games in Europe and, surprise surprise, I came to the easy conclusion that signing Trent Hunter and Ethan Moreau weren't very good signings.  Also, I forgot to mention in my review of the previous games, that I did not realize Scott Parse played in the first game until I noticed him in the second game and I wondered who he was replacing in the lineup.  Is it just me or did his development take a step backwards over the off-season?  He looked more effective in the playoffs after rehabbing from an injury than he did in the first two games after several months of training.

So, it's a good thing that on Wednesday it was announced that the Kings acquired Stefan Legein and a 6th round 2012 Draft pick from the Philadelphia Flyers for future considerations.  Who????  According to Puck Daddy, he "may have just retired at 19" or perhaps he was just joking and "was having some fun at the expense of everyone".  Basically, this kid sounds awesome.  

But I am truly excited for Dustin Penner to return to the lineup.  It's a shame that I probably won't be able to watch tonight's game against New Jersey since it'll be on at 4pm PST.  Oh, the problems of living on the West Coast....if only I could leave work at 3pm for every East Coast game.  Or I suppose I could just DVR the game.  Decisions, decisions.  Although, I can't decide if it would be worse to live on the East Coast and have to watch games start at 10pm.  Any East Coasters want to weigh-in on this discussion?

Anyway, not quite sure what to expect in tonight's game besides 5 Kings goals all scored by Anze Kopitar (Did you see him against the Rangers and Sabres?  It's totally possible, so just roll with it).  New Jersey had such a bad season last year, but I don't expect the same this time around.  I highly doubt Kovalchuk will continue to be KovLOLchuk and maybe Marty Brodeur will play like it's 1997.  I don't really care.  I'm most looking forward to Saturday night's contest again the Philadephia Flyers.  Now that should be a helluva game!

Go Kings Go!


  1. In DC, and gladly watch every game live.

  2. Good to know! Now that I think about it, if I lived on the East Coast, then I would probably change my work schedule so that I started late in the morning so I could stay up late watching hockey games with West Coast start times.

  3. Sorry this comment is so late as I just found your blog. But I joined gamecenter on and now I can turn the game on at 4 on my computer and work until 5 when its time to leave. (or pretend to work lol)

  4. @tracykingslover, thanks for the tip! so I feel like such an old person, but I can only find the gamecenter service for mobile devices (phones and tablets). Is this what you have? And can this also be available on computers? Oh boy, this might actually convince me to upgrade my phone...