Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Hockey Roundup: LA Kings Edition

This week's hockey link love is all about the Kings because TODAY the 2011-2012 NHL season begins!!! YAY!!!

Even though there are quite a few LA Kings blogs I honestly only read a couple on a consistent basis. I know, I'm a bad internet Kings fan. But it doesn't mean they're not worth reading and/or following. With the start of the Kings season here are posts from on the line about the Kings by your fellow Kings fans and other hockey fans.

Season Preview: Expert Analysis @ The Royal Half
The Royal Half graciously rounded up the non-professional (read: unpaid) Kings bloggers (including me!) to talk up their own blogs and make some bold predictions about the Kings season. Most of my predictions were made under the assumption that Kopitar doesn't break his ankle again. Because seriously, that'll fuck us. (Thanks to The Royal Half for putting this together and asking me to participate. I really enjoy reading The Royal Half so I was and still am honored to have been included!)

The Royal Army is hosting a viewing party tomorrow (Saturday, October 8th) at ESPN Zone in Downtown LA (at LA Live across the street from Staples Center) for the Kings vs. Buffalo Sabres game. I can't say I've heard of The Royal Army before I did a quick Google search for "LA Kings watch party". I assume he/she is a diehard Kings fan so if you like watching Kings game with a bunch of strangers who share your passion for Kings hockey and you don't mind eating crappy food at ESPN Zone (because seriously, that place has some crappy ass food) then head over to Downtown tomorrow!

Here are links to Season Previews of the 2011-2012 Kings Season by several Kings bloggers:

Jewels from the Crown

The LA Kings Outsider

The 110 Report

Frozen Royalty

This morning I'll be sitting at home in my jammy jams wearing my Kings jersey watching the Kings take on the New York Rangers. It's a 10am game on the West Coast (on a Friday, wtf NHL!) so I'm sure at the first intermission I'll make myself an egg, bacon, cheese sammy and wash it down with some tasty pumpkin beer!

Go Kings Go!

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