Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Hockey Roundup

Since last Friday here are posts that I hope you didn't miss:

What the S*** @Battle of California
Last Thursday night the Flyers played a preseason game in Canada. As Wayne Simmonds (former LA King!) went on the ice for a shootout attempt some asshat in the stands threw a banana at him. If it wasn't a racist act, then it was the hugest coincidence ever, so yes, everyone and their mother assumes it was. I never wrote a post about it because (a) I couldn't figure out a way to put all my angry thoughts into nicely formed sentences and (b) Rudy Kelly at Battle of California said it best with this post.

Canucks' Mason Raymond Unsure When He'll Play Again @Vancouver Sun
I came across this article through Puck Daddy and absolutely had to read it because I remember watching the hit during the Stanley Cup Finals and thinking it was such an awkward hit. Even after watching several replays I couldn't quite figure out what happened. I thought maybe Boychuck got his stick up in Raymond's boys. As Raymond struggled to get off the ice with help from his teammates you could definitely tell that something was very wrong. It didn't seem like Boychuck needed to finish his check, but he did and unfortunately Raymond was in a very unusual position that left him vulnerable to an injury. Such a strange situation. Hopefully Raymond will fully recover and be back on the ice.

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Engraving @Days of Y'Orr
It still makes me sick that another effing Boston team won a championship, but it's the Stanley Cup so I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed looking at the awesome (hand?) engraving. I think it's a little odd the players' names aren't at the top since they were the ones working their arses off to win that Cup.

The preseason is almost over. It feels like it's lasting for-GD-ever. It started to feel way too long when I heard that players were being suspended for 5 preseason games. I think this is the first time ever that I even realized teams played that many preseason games.  Earlier this week I saw this tweet from Alix of The Humming Giraffe  at the exact moment I was thinking of how tired I was getting of preseason games.

Seriously, it's such a snooze.  I can't wait for the season to begin!!!

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