Monday, October 3, 2011

Ladies Hockey Fashion at Its Worst

The season is about to start! I can't even grasp my mind around the fact that it's already October! It doesn't feel like the season is about to start in just a few days because the Kings home opener isn't until October 18th, which seems so freaking far away. But with a new season about to start, you know what that means, right? It's time for all the hockey ladies to get their terrible hockey fashionwear. And I'm not talking about the pink jerseys, which are still a total jersey foul, or the $325 purse (which is still available and is soooooo worth the money) but the other shit the NHL Store and Reebok and whatever clothing brand is eligible to produce such garbage that I wouldn't even imagine could get manufactured, let alone sold at ridiculously high prices on the same websites that sell precious authentic jerseys of our beloved players.

First up we have the Ed Hardy/Xmas sweater-esque t-shirt and jersey. And the common thread (haha, didn't even mean to use a pun!) of all these items is: WHO WOULD WEAR THIS CRAP? But for this design in particular, who designed this??

and a close-up of the jersey:

A red and green version would be perfect for an ugly Xmas sweater party
I know the pattern at the chest area and at the bottom of the shirt is made up of hockey sticks, but from afar it looks like a pattern you would find on a Christmas sweater. It's like Ed Hardy and your grandmother collaborated on this design. "Let's distress the shit out of this shirt!" "Oh, but we need a horizontal pattern that is repeated across the shirt to make it look homey!"  I just don't understand why you would want to RUIN a perfectly fine jersey with this garbage!  It just makes me angry!!

And remember people, you can get this jersey or shirt at the NHL store! And if you happen to like this style, which means we can't be friends, then you're in luck because there are other equally hideous stuff for women for sale.

So after my head started to hurt from looking at what the NHL thinks women want to wear, I hopped on over to the Team LA Store website because I remembered last year they sold simple t-shirts FOR WOMEN with the Kings logo on the front and a player's name and number on the back. I really wanted a Doughty t-shirt but they never had my size.

I was elated to discover the Team LA Store finally had my size. A charcoal grey soft cotton t-shirt with the crown on the front and "Doughty" & "8" on the back. But when I went to checkout, I discovered the total cost for an effing t-shirt would be almost $50 thanks to taxes and shipping. I'm sorry. I love the Kings and I love Doughty, but I am NOT paying $50 for a simple cotton t-shirt. I might as well go to Old Navy and buy a t-shirt for $3 and find some iron-on letters and a crown and DIY.

I love this shirt! Just not for $50.
I can only hope that the Team LA Store in Staples Center carries it, but I highly doubt it. I don't understand why this style isn't more readily available for women. They have several variations for men and children, but I can rarely find any for women. It's like the whole sports clothing industry thinks that if a woman wants to wear a shirt to support her favorite team, then she obviously wants to either look like a douche or dress like a slutty hockey fan. No, no, no! That is not how I want to support my team! Babydoll tees are so out of style. So are the "college ringer" tees. I just want something slim, fitted, and cut for a woman with a design that simply states my love for the Kings.

My day browsing for a new Kings shirt didn't completely end in total failure. I did come across the best t-shirt ever:

It looks just like him!!!
I saw this the day after Doughty signed his contract so I thought it was even funnier than it probably actually is. Whoever made it needs to make another version with "I'm worth $56 million, bitches" below his face.


  1. Loved the post. Maybe you can get the Doughty shirt now that there is 50% off at Coupon code is "SUITUP". Good luck!

  2. The website says only 50% for jerseys. :( but that does make getting a new one very tempting. Thanks for the heads up!