Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Season: I'm still not happy

I have refrained from writing so far this season because the NHL Lockout completey sapped my enthusiasm for The Cup victory (and subsequent celebrations), the LA Kings, and hockey in general. Of course, I will always LOVE hockey and my Kings, but I was and still am so pissed off at the NHL Commissioner, owners, and players. I have no idea who to hate more or who to blame for half a season of hockey, so instead my disgust is dispersed evenly among everyone. In the end, I have to remember the NHL is a business and the owners need to be able to at least try and turn a profit and the players have their right to be paid what they are worth (or what they think they are worth; hey, I'm sure all of us at one point bitched about our salary and benefits). However, I am most upset that a new agreement took as long as it did. I think it is incredibly inexcusable that all involved parties could not come to an agreement before the season should have started. It makes me wonder: why the heck do I love a business this much?

As much as I love hockey and the LA Kings, I have decided not to buy any tickets to games this season. That Drew Doughty jersey I've been pining over for the past several seasons? It can wait. In fact, I was going to put a moratorium on all spending this season, but I couldn't pass up the chance to purchase this gaudy bastard:

awwwwww shhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt! That ring looks DAMN FINE on my hand!
The Cup ring is so awesome it ate my wedding ring AND engagement ring.
Well worth the $25.

I wouldn't have gotten it at all if it hadn't been for my hermano's burning desire to have one himself. I didn't even know such an item existed until he texted me one day asking if I could stop by the Team LA Store to get him one (and he even offered to pay for mine). Unfortunately, I was out of town for the next few days and, of course, all things Stanley quickly sold out. Thankfully the Kings re-stocked their store and my hermano was heading to the next game so he bought four.  FOUR! Seriously, after the initial text conversation I was beginning to worry he was going to turn into the Hulk and race up the 110 in a fit of rage determined to get his hands on a replica Cup ring, which actually looks nothing like the actual LA Kings Stanley Cup ring (am I the only one bothered by this??? I'm not even talking about the diamonds.  Where is the huge Kings logo?). Anyway, I'm still happy with the ring and my hermano is definitely happy. He doesn't have to troll ebay. He doesn't have to fret over buying a counterfeit. Yes, these were all concerns he had.

And about that half season of hockey? Yeah, it sure does look like the season started haphazardly. Glad to see most of the Kings kept their Cup celebrations going during the lockout as opposed to training for the eventual start to the season. A lot of the games have been a wee bit painful to watch. The Kings will be lucky to make it into the playoffs this year......wait, I seem to recall saying that last year.

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