Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kings Home Opener is TONIGHT!

I love home openers.  Love, Love, Love, Love them! I never attended a Kings home opener until 2005.  But when I was kid I loved watching the home opener on TV.  I loved watching each player get his shining moment as he skated onto the ice to the roar of the crowd.  This was way back before the internet so I would actually sit there with a notebook and write down each player's name and his number.  And throughout the season I would tally up each player's goals and assists.  Why?  I don't know.  I was fucking crazy back then, but that's what I did.  I don't know what happened to those notebooks, I probably trashed them at some point when I moved out and my mom complained that I needed to clean out my childhood room so she could use it as her crafts room.  Anyway, the point is, that was my home opener tradition every season for years.  And it always seemed like the home opener was either the first game of the season or one of the first couple games.

The NHL Premiere in Europe has really put a wrinkle in the allure of the home opener since the hockey season is already more than a week old.  Last year the home opener was also kind of a let down because usually the Kings try to have events planned around Staples Center and LA Live to get the fans pumped up about the first home game, but last year there was a conference that had some sort of evening event and they closed off access to most of the LA Live area.  I think the big celebration for Kings fans occurred before the first weekend game, which I did not attend.  Also, the Kings played Atlanta last year and really, no one gave a shit about them because we all knew they wouldn't last....

I know these are stupid reasons for why last year's home opener didn't live up to my expectations, but it's only because I look forward to going to the home opener as soon as the previous season ends.

LAKings.com front page screenshot taken on Sunday.....ruh-roh, there are still tickets available?
The Kings website has a list of pre-game festivities.  If you want to get to Staples Center 3 hours before puck drop you can watch the players "walk the black carpet".  Some Kings alumni will be at LA Live during the Fanfest celebration, but there aren't any real specifics of what to expect at Fanfest.  I imagine there will be loud music, a tiny area roped off for a "beer garden", and the Kings Ice Crew walking around doing something.  And if you're going to the game, then you'll be the first to take in the "brand new $3.4 million JBL Professional Vertec Audio System, a premier loudspeaker system that is in use worldwide to support numerous international tours and special events".  I have no idea what to expect from that.  It already sounds like David Courtney is yelling directly in my ear.

I have a feeling that I'll saunter over to LA Live at around 6pm, grab a beer somewhere, and maybe try to find a suitable shirt in the Team LA Store if it's not too crowded.  I guess I need to channel my younger self and realize that I'm excited about the home opener because it means it's the start of a brand new season, a fresh start, and with it brings an endless number of positive opportunities. Except this year, having played 4 games, we already have our best defenseman on IR.......and we're playing the Blues who always seem to have the Kings' number.  I promise, I'll try to stay positive today!  Go Kings!

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