Monday, October 17, 2011

Jim Fox is Awesome on Twitter

I often wonder what it would be like to be a celebrity, athlete, or some sort of famous person on Twitter or another social media platform.  What would it be like to deal with obnoxious haters?  How would I deal with people begging for retweets or mentions? (Actually I know how I would deal with that one: I would never retweet someone asking for a retweet just on principle.)  What kind of thoughts or experiences would I share? And how would I interact with my followers?

I grew up listening to Bob Miller and Jim Fox do the play-by-play and color commentary for LA Kings telecasts and I don't like thinking about what listening to and watching Kings game will be like without that team.  So when I found out that Jim Fox had joined Twitter I immediately followed him.  I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting greatness, but I was hoping he would be more entertaining than Henry Winkler.  This past weekend, Jim Fox immediately became one of my favorite people on Twitter for two reasons.  The first is that he tweeted during the second intermission of the Kings/Flyers game!  Right before intermission ended, he tweeted:

I wish there was a time-stamp because I swear he tweeted this just before the 3rd period started.

And the second reason I love Jim Fox on Twitter is because he sent me a direct message on Sunday!!!  Actually, he send me THREE DIRECT MESSAGES!!!  He totally made my day!  So back story first.  Jim tends to tweet a link to his Facebook photo album that has photos from trips with the LA Kings.  On Sunday he tweeted about the food in Philadelphia for the press and mentioned there were no "Cheese Steaks", which by the way is a total travesty.  So, of course, I had to click on the link to see what food was offered.  The first photo that caught my eye was a buffet platter of peas and my first thought was "who offers peas at a hockey game?"  So I tweeted the following:

Seriously, they didn't look so hot.  

And then, not too long after I tweeted that, I received a direct message!

How cute is that?? I don't even know how to send someone a direct message!

And the other direct messages were in response to other tweets I made on Saturday during the game.  In one tweet I asked if he and Bob coordinate tie colors because they were both wearing red ties with different striped patterns and he responded: "Bob copies mine." Hahahaha! Omg, Jim Fox is adorable.  After I read his tweet about Doughty  I tweeted "I guess NHL twitter rule doesn't apply to color commentators" and he wrote "Players and hockey department only!".  Yes, the exclamation point is his.  I love Jim Fox even more!!  Can we be BFF?

So even though Jim Fox's twitter account isn't "verified", I'm about 99% sure it's really him.  In fact, I would be completely devastated if it's not him.  But let's just assume it's really him.   Basically, Jim Fox is awesome on Twitter because he tweets during games, shares photos of the Kings and "behind the scenes stuff", and he interacts very graciously with his followers.  If you're a Kings fan, then you better be following Jim Fox.

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