Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Hockey Links

Here are a couple article/blog posts that particularly amused me this past week.  I didn't spend as much time on the interwebs as I usually do so I hope to provide more links on future Fridays.

"The first rule of the fight club is to never look down" - Brent Severyn
I don't normally read Sports Illustrated articles, but whenever I'm at the CNN mainpage I tend to click on any hockey related headlines in the sports section. The other day I came across this interview with former NHL enforcer Brent Severyn as told to writer Adrian Dater. It's a good one for hockey and non-hockey fans as it gives you a quick first-hand look into what an enforcer goes through.

Social media in the NHL has been a hot topic recently. There are four Kings players on Twitter: Jonathan Quick, Dustin Brown, Kevin Westgarth, and Mike Richards. (that's also the order in which I rank their twitter feeds in terms of entertainment. Richards' feed is definitely a snoozer.)

The Royal Half looks at what fans can expect the Kings to tweet about during the season. What I want to know is: What in the world is the "Peanut Butter Stomp"? If you have to be a parent to know what it is, then I'm not so sure I ever want to be a parent.

This is an older one, but I was reminded of it after I read The Royal Half's post about twitter. A couple weeks ago Megalodon from Battle of Cali(fornia) compiled the Top 5 Bryz Tweets, which have most definitely been replaced by the deluge of brilliant Bryz tweets within the past week, especially this one that includes a photo of Scott Hartnell. Seriously, 90% of his tweets absolutely crack me up.  If you can't get enough of the "why you heff to be mad?" video, then you have to follow Bryzgalov on Twitter.

Patty at Penalty Killing (a Dallas Stars blog) wrote about the emergence of Mike Modano on twitter.
I'll be honest, I was and still am skeptical that it's actually him on twitter and not a close friend or relative.

We'll see if I can make this "Friday Links" a weekly trend.  If you see any articles that you think I may enjoy, then don't hesitate to notify me.  I love taking breaks throughout the work day to read about hockey.

I sign-off with a quote I overheard from Crazy Bus Rider Guy #54,690 - "you gotta search the Googles better".  Amen, brother.


  1. I love Bryzgalov's tweets! It took me a while to add him, but he's hilarious. I also like Colby Armstrong (@armdog). Everything is "beauty" to him. :D

  2. I think Bryz is definitely my favorite. I only just started following Armstrong, but I am looking forward to his tweets. I wish all pro-athletes were as hilarious as Bryz or BizNasty.