Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Brendan Shanahan Iron Fist > The Colin Campbell Wheel of Justice

All the articles I read about Andy Sutton's hit on Alexei Ponikarovsky made it seem like Sutton almost decapitated Ponikarovsky. Especially after hearing that the NHL had suspended Sutton indefinitely, offered him an in-person hearing, and then suspended him for 8 games, I was expecting it to be one seriously vicious hit. So I was a wee bit disappointed when I finally did watch the video. I mean, yeah, it wasn't a clean hit. Was it suspension worthy? Sure, maybe a game. Was it really worthy of an indefinite suspension and eventually 8 games? I don't think so. But I guess you also have to take into consideration that Sutton is a repeat offender and was recently suspended for multiple games on one violation. Have a gander....what do you think?

Watching this hit reminded me a whole lot of a hit on Ryan Smyth by Jason Demers that occurred during the 2010 playoffs. Remember this hit, LA Kings fans?

And guess what?? No fucking suspension was handed out! (I can't remember if there was even a penalty called, but I wouldn't surprised if play had resumed like nothing happened.) I remember being absolutely ENRAGED when Demers hit Smyth and I got even angrier every time I watched the replays of this hit. In fact, after watching this hit and the Sutton hit, I think this hit on Smyth is even worse. I bet this hit would have garnered a suspension if Brendan Shanahan was the disciplinarian back then. Oh how times have changed....

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  1. The hit on Smyth still makes me see red. There was no penalty, which is particularly egregious because the ref was (literally) RIGHT THERE watching. Demers straight up Superman'd him. Fucking bullshit.