Thursday, December 15, 2011

12/15/11 - Los Angeles Kings @ Columbus Blue Jackets - We Got This in the Bag!....maybe??

When the Los Angeles Kings were a really terrible team during those years after the lockout, I used to get really angry whenever fans of other NHL teams made comments about how happy they were that his or her favorite team was going to play the Kings because that meant an easy win or the fans would be pissed if the Kings won because they always thought "dammit 'we' are supposed to beat the Kings!". So I understand how frustrating it is to be a fan of a team that is in the NHL basement and how annoying and old it gets when other fans beat up on your team. But with that said,

oh my gravy, I am going to be so effing pissed off if the Kings don't win tonight's game against the Columbus Blue Jackets!!

I mean seriously, look at the team stats for the Columbus Blue Jackets at this point in the season:

That's atrocious!!  How is Scott Arniel still this team's coach? It's going to be so embarrassing if the Kings lose tonight's game and the losing streak hits SIX!

The players better get their shit together and realize they just got a perfectly fine coach fired and they're all severely under-performing.

"We" better win tonight's game.

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