Thursday, September 15, 2011

When Do I Get to Hang Out with the LA Kings???

A couple years back when I read that Sidney Crosby hand delivered season tickets to a season ticket holder (STH) I thought that was the coolest thing ever.  If I was that STH I would have acted like I just won the lottery.  But you know what's even cooler and more amazing than being handed tickets by a hockey player from your favorite team?  Getting to hang out with them while they deliver those tickets!!!    Which is exactly what two of my favorite Buffalo Sabres bloggers got to do the other day.  Katebits of The Willful Caboose and Heather of Top Shelf were selected to be part of the Sabres entourage.  You can read Katebits's story here and Heather's recap here. The players are just as endearing and adorable as you would expect.  

Neither Katebit nor Heather are season ticket holders, but were selected to join some of the players solely because they are bloggers who have been actively participating in blogger forums that the Sabres have held since Pegula took over the team.  I've been following the Sabres' embrace of their online community through Katebit's blog.  It seems like the new Sabres owner is truly welcoming Sabres bloggers with open arms and I think other teams should pay close attention to what they're doing.  (And now, after writing "Sabre" 20 bajillion times, I keep getting the urge to pronounce it "Sah-bray".)

But while I would die at the opportunity to spend the afternoon in a limo with a couple Kings players chatting them up about their favorite local spots and convincing them to live in LA year-round, I would actually be pretty terrified of doing it.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've personally interacted with a player, and by personally interacted, I mean, ask a guy if he can sign something, shove it in his face while my face is frozen with a silly smile, and say thank you when he's done and scurry hurriedly away. 

Luc talking, just before I jumped out of my chair, tackled him to
the ground, and told him how much I idolize him and want to be BFF.

Even at Frozen Fury a couple years ago, when I could literally walk right into a player, I was too star struck to ask a guy for a photo.  I also felt weird bothering them for a photo even though there were tons of other people (mainly females) asking them for photos.  I also have this image in my head of how every hockey player is supposed to be and I don't want to be disappointed.  The only guy I expect to be an asshole is Sean Avery, which is why I really, really, really want to meet him because there's no way I would be disappointed.  So I'm perfectly fine just admiring hockey players from afar.

But what if I had the opportunity???  It's an opportunity of a lifetime so, of course, I wouldn't turn it down!!  Based on the recaps by Katebits and Heather I was pleased to hear how polite the players were when meeting fans, but I was surprised they didn't like wearing their jerseys and were itching to take them off as soon as possible.  Are you kidding me?! I would wear my Kings jersey all the time if it was socially acceptable!  I'm sure I would have a list of questions to ask them and then forget all of them as soon I saw the players...or forget how to speak.   But really the dream day would be perfect by just shooting the shit with them as if I was hanging out with my friends.  No interview type questions, no pestering for autographs, not doing anything to make them uncomfortable or pissed off that they have to do this.  I imagine the day would be absolutely perfect because after all they're LA Kings and they could never do anything to make me think any less of them.


  1. I really hope other teams decide to do this, because I gotta say, it really WAS as fun as it sounds. Surreal and deeeeeelightful.

  2. I hope they do too! I loved reading your recap because it sounded like so much fun.