Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to 'Waving Back at Gretzky'

Welcome to 'Waving Back at Gretzky: A Blog of Kings and Ice'.  You may be completely new to my ramblings about the LA Kings or have seen them on 'Purple Crushed Velvet'.  This blog is sort of a re-branding of my previous blog.  "Why change the name and site?", you ask. Well, here's the background on how I started my previous blog about the Kings:

Way back in late 2004,  after 4 long, but wonderfully amazing, years of undergraduate schooling in the Midwest I was back in California and ready to watch my LA Kings every chance possible (on TV).  But alas, I came back just in time to endure the entire lockout.  What a tease!  I had only just started a personal blog and I was bored in grad school because I purposefully did the minimum amount of work to graduate so I started sporadically blogging about the LA Kings.  Around 2005 I discovered HLOG and, in turn, a passion to write down my thoughts and rants about how terrible the LA Kings were at this time.  Seriously people, they were really freaking bad in those years.   I promptly created a new blog devoted entirely to the LA Kings and started blogging on HLOG as well.  I didn't export my old posts to my new blog and eventually lost those posts when I permanently deleted my personal blog.  I thought I was super creative and artsy when I came up with the blog name "Purple Crushed Velvet: the color and fabric of royalty".  In hindsight, what the hell was I thinking?  6 years later and I hate the blog name.  I absolutely hate it.  Also, my writing style and direction have changed over the years and with the 2011-2012 season approaching, I decided it was time for a change.   I reached out to my Hermano for some advice and suggestions for a new blog name and like the supportive, unconditional loving brother that he is, he came through with some great ideas.  (don't worry, that sentence will be the most emotional I'll get on this blog.) This blog name is his brainchild and I loved the name as soon as I read it.  

A short and quick background of myself: My early memories as a Kings fan are sorta blurry.  I don't quite remember the exact moment I realized I loved the Kings and I can't remember the first game I watched.  All I do remember is talking hockey with my 2nd grade teacher, playing indoors nurf hockey as a kid with my brother, and at one point Bernie Nicholls was my favorite player, but not for long because Lucky Luc eventually stole my heart.  My Hermano is older so his memories are probably a little clearer than mine.  But what I do know for a fact is that we both grew up watching Wayne Gretzky as a King and listening to Bob Miller and Jim Fox as the voices of the team.  The 1992-1993 season are a definite bright spot in the Kings history and Gretzky was such a huge factor in growing the sport in LA.  

Come back, come often, subscribe to the feed, and enjoy reading about the LA Kings, obviously the most amazing NHL team in California.

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